Студийные операторские краны HITEX

Студийные телевизионные операторские краны компании HITEX — One Minute Crane by Senna

Наша компания поставляет студийные телевизионные операторские краны компании HITEX а так-же сдает в аренду операторские краны.

Краны компании HITEX обеспечивают возможность работы с выбросом стрелы до 5 метров, и дистанционным управлением положения камеры.

Основное преимущество крана «One Minute Crane by Senna» является простота и быстрота монтажа. Как видно из названия — это занимает буквально одну минуту.
Все упомянутые особенности делают кран незаменим для съемки событий в небольших помещениях, таких как свадьба, интервью, видео клипы, рекламные ролики, но и любое другое событие, которое требует динамичных и ярких сцен.
One Minute Crane предназначен для Canon 5D, но вы также можете получить тот же результат сочетая его с другими DSLR или HD камеру.
Камера на кране от 0 до 3,2 м в высоту.
На самом кране, есть замки для крепления монитора, контроль пластин и винтов (1/4 дюйма и 3/8 дюйма) для крепления всех видов камер крана.
Каждая часть крана помещается на свое место в и весь набор помещается в один практичный мешок.

Dear colleagues, directors, cinematographers, videographers!
We are proud to present to you our new products, which are very popular in small production facilities at the moment!

One Minute Crane по всему миру
One Minute Crane by Senna

During the process of creating this crane we have followed the needs of videographers. We used only the best materials to get quality that meets highest professional standards. Due to its design One Minute Crane is extremely lightweight – 13 kg (28Lbs), which makes transportation and changing of location so much easier; but it is also firm and stable allowing you to make perfectly elegant and smooth moves, with no tremble (when starting or stopping the motion). This advantage is achieved with 14 axial bearings.

Main advantage of One Minute Crane is simplicity and fastness in mounting. As the name says – it takes literarily ONE minute.
All the features mentioned, make One Minute Crane very suitable for shooting events  in small spaces, such as wedding, interviews, video clips, commercials, but  also any other event that demands dynamic and vivid scenes.
One Minute Crane was designed for Canon 5D, but you can also get the same results combining it with any other DSLR or HD camera.
The camera on the crane goes from 0 to 3,2m in height.
On the crane itself, there are locks for attaching the monitor,  the control plate and also the screws (1/4 inch and 3/8 inch) for attaching all kinds of cameras to the crane.
Each piece of the crane comes in its casing and the whole set in one practical bag.

Dolly frame

Dolly frame is extremely easy to use, and it is set in a few seconds. It weighs 4,5 kg (10 lbs.)  and its capacity is 100 kg. Each wheel has a break.  Dolly has special lifters, which are used for leveling.  Dolly frame comes in a practical firm package.


One Minute XL is new, enlarged model of One Minute Crane. It has all features of the previous model; except that his arm is 1m longer, so the camera can reach 4,2m in height.
It also has side and top strings for extra stability. Assembling is simplified in the way that stings hold the arm firmly without any screws, so it still takes only a minute to set the crane up!

One Minute compared to One Minute XL


Ten Seconds Head (pan & tilt, 360° rotation) is a unique remote head which, in its small weight of only 1,8 kg, provides many advantages.
Ten Seconds Head can be easily mounted and used.  Its uniqueness is its ability to store and recall 6 different points.
This head runs on rechargeable AA batteries or an external power supply. It is suitable for Canon 5D and other DSLR or HD cameras up to 3 kg.
With this remote head, comes Manftrotto camera plate for balancing the camera and also control plate.

Ten Seconds Head has 3 fixed steps in speed, which proved to be very useful.
The head drives 360° in both directions (pan and tilt moves can be performed simultaneously).
Another advantage of this head is the Time Laps function. When you activate this option, the head makes 360° in 20 minutes, which brings totally new effect in postproduction ( If you speed up the video, the move of the head will be of the normal speed and the objects of shooting – people, cars, clouds etc. , will be accelerated).

Flight bag

For safer transportation and long lasting equipment without damage, especially during flights, we have created Flight bags. These bags are well padded and have wooden fixings on both ends. These bags are your best solution for preventing damage during transportation.


This innovative focus system comes in two different versions: wired and wireless.

IMG_9450 DSC00120

It is used for control of focus on a camera and it is especially suitable while working with a crane or a steadycam. The kit comes with an adjustable ring that fits any lens, a servo motor with a gear (which moves the lens) and a control panel.

IMG_9446 All RECALL FOCUS has a unique option of memorizing 4 different points of sharpness, which you can recall at any point of shooting simply by pressing the memory button.

It is also possible to set the speed of traveling from one point of memory to another point.

An additional function of this focus system is the recording command on the control panel and also the shutter command for Cannon 5D.

All RECALL FOCUS runs on rechargeable lithium batteries.
TRAVEL FOCUS function determines the range of action of the system.

The quality of our products was recognized with a golden medal  for invention of the year, which we have won for our crane “Sniper” in London 2010.